Colchester Oyster Fishery Website - Laptop

The world is your Oyster.


Especially for the folks at the Colchester Oyster Fishery. They needed a new website and a guiding hand to talk them through the process oh, and someone to take some pictures.

A full E-Commerce site with stock management that can grow and develop along with their online presence. The site is responsive so it looks good and works well on a laptop, a tablet and a mobile.

There is a fully integrated email marketing system, set to send reminders to people who popped items in their basket, but didn’t check out to go back and buy it! The same system is used for targeted emails to the customer database when new products are launched or to invite them to events.

With this project we were also photographers, so we were up close and personal to some really big lobsters who were live and kicking. Enough of me… take a look at the site for yourself.


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December 1, 2014